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 ~ inspiring ~ elevating ~ collaborating ~


​Edette Gagné is a visionary leader who inspires others to go beyond what they thought were limitations, in order to achieve amazing results.


In her work around the globe with professionals and amateurs, Edette creates communities where people feel valued, included and safe to take chances, so that they can grow, flourish and be their best.


Edette increases sponsorship and audience growth; historically by up to 300%, by connecting with and engaging community support for performing arts organizations. As a strategist, Edette works with boards and stake-holders to find flexible, resilient ways to re-invent their organizations when facing challenges; so that they are able to create responses that are flexible and adaptive to needs as they emerge.


As an artistic director, stage director and music director of orchestras, choirs, opera and musical theatre groups, Edette champions creative programming, including staging and performances that captivate artists and audiences alike. She is known for inspiring performers to rise above the ordinary.


Throughout her career creating international touring shows, facilitating grand scale events on location, and transforming performing ensembles to realize their potential, Edette brings a deep work ethic and a commitment to creative collaboration.


Edette resides in Vancouver BC with her wife and several wonderful rescued animals. She recharges her batteries with cooking, hiking, yoga, photography and reading.

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