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Ready to conduct Orchestrate
Warming up the crowd to start the event

Event Facilitation

Team Building with a Twist

Orchestrate clarinet teacher in action

"...and now WE will turn YOU into an orchestra..."

Imagine hearing those words at your corporate retreat - and then an hour later, performing the end of Orff's "O Fortuna" with violins, violas, cellos, clarinets, trombones, percussion and singers.

This is Orchestrate!

Taking people outside of their comfort zones and showing them that they can accomplish absolutely anything they set their minds to... even playing a musical instrument that they have never previously touched.

Edette is privileged to be the Canadian Conductor for "Orchestrate!", working with Eventology/Catalyst Teambuilding Canada to expand horizons, bring music to the world, build confidence and create unforgettable team experiences. She has the honour of being the first female conductor to be leading these workshops happening in 52 countries around the globe.   

Edette facilitates a wide variety of music themed events around the globe, creating memorable, inspiring experiences for the participants

The Orchestra team in Whistler, BC
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